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Industry-leading experts

As part of ARV Solutions’ three-year business plan, we aim to grow our team of experts to thirty-five members. So, you can imagine how thrilled we are to have expanded by four recruits over the past six months. Our newest … Continue reading

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ARVIEW early successes: our new service incorporating our advanced video interview platform

ARVIEW, was developed to enable employers to save significant time and greatly improve the recruitment process as well as improving the quality of hires. Our advanced client portal enables you to make a more informed decision, with more confidence and … Continue reading

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Using LinkedIn to enhance your job search

Keep your profile updated. Fill in all sections using appropriate key words to optimise your profile for searches. A completed updated profile makes it easier for relevant employers and recruiters to find you. Also, the chances are, their message will be … Continue reading

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Culture, diversity and Inclusion, a look back to January

Fortunately, the majority of our long term loyal clients trust us to do their recruitment exclusively already. However, there are many other times when we have put in the work to find a great candidate, we speak to them, qualify … Continue reading

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Why add psychometric profiles to your recruitment process?

Well run interviews can assess skills, qualifications, and experience far better than a CV, particularly with relevant competency-based questions.  Personality and behavioural traits can be understood better, though difficult to assess in-depth during the interview process alone. Do they provide … Continue reading

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Why pay a retainer? Retained recruitment – what does it mean?

A retained service is a more cost-effective solution for clients than Search and Selection where agencies typically ask for a third of fees upfront with no refund.  We ask for £950 – that’s less than 1/5th upfront on average, and … Continue reading

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How can we get better recruitment for the same price? Or less?

Success rates can rocket closer to search and selection levels. A far better solution, working to everyone’s interests. Search and selection by its very nature is an exclusive assignment model, and sees much better success rates, closer to 1:1 than … Continue reading

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First round interviews completed for you – How to be one step ahead before you’ve even started!

We can carry out your first-round interviews for you! This is the biggest single win from a professional video interview platform for me. A client, able to log in anywhere, anytime, on a PC or phone, and watch pre-recorded short … Continue reading

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Case Study: Sales Director – Timber

Background A newly set up company breaking into the UK market urgently needed to recruit an experienced candidate within the timber sector. Essentially, they needed to be able to develop a sales and marketing strategy to gain business from scratch … Continue reading

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Preparing for an interview

Preparation – before the interview So, what do you need to prepare? Research: Hopefully you will have done some research prior to applying for the role in the first place, but is there anything else you can find out?  Who … Continue reading

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