How can we get better recruitment for the same price? Or less?

How can we get better recruitment for the same price? Or less?

What does better recruitment mean? Easier, faster, having the pick of the best talent? By working exclusively with clients, to a far speedier and value-added process, we keep candidate interest and don’t lose out to other competing agencies and clients don’t lose out to competitors. Win – win!

Success rates can rocket closer to search and selection levels. A far better solution, working to everyone’s interests. Search and selection by its very nature is an exclusive assignment model, and sees much better success rates, closer to 1:1 than the average recruitment industry success rate of 1:4. It just makes more sense.

We believe (and are proving!) that for committed clients, who buy in to working more effectively with our new ways of recruiting, through our ARVIEW service, we can offer far better success rates, and higher quality. There is then potential for further fee reductions, and success based rebates as we are getting paid for a far higher proportion of the work we do.

If we fill a higher proportion than 1:2 of your vacancies over a year, we are up on the deal, and you are getting results similar to search and selection levels; so we can afford to reduce costs or rebate fees. Particularly if a client comes to us with a higher proportion of their roles. We even have a new advanced advertising and vetting solution for your volume recruitment at low cost with no recruitment fees.

ARVIEW is available now, allowing you to save time, long term costs and make better more informed decisions in confidence.

Find out about our new ARVIEW service here.       new-images/arview_-logo_small.png

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