Why add psychometric profiles to your recruitment process?

Why add psychometric profiles to your recruitment process?

Our aim is to provide clients with the confidence to make the right decisions when it comes to recruiting for their business. Providing them with more measurable objective data, and a full-circle view of a candidate’s true suitability.

Well run interviews can assess skills, qualifications, and experience far better than a CV, particularly with relevant competency-based questions.  Personality and behavioural traits can be understood better, though difficult to assess in-depth during the interview process alone.

Do they provide any real value?  

Psychometric profiling enhances the interview process, allowing clients to make better-informed decisions.  They give insight into a candidate’s personality, how they may react to certain situations and challenges. For example, how they will work under pressure, how they work alone or as part of a team, and how they would fit in within the business. They can provide an indication of a candidate’s working style and reactions to a particular working environment. Providing clients with the confidence that a candidate can not only meet the demands of the role but will fit in with the culture of the business.

Our clients value psychometric tests as an additional tool to help them make successful long-term decisions when deciding who to hire.   Psychometric assessments also offer additional confidence if it is not possible to interview a candidate in person.

For retained clients, we even include up to 4 profiles in the cost of the small fee retainer (normal cost is £125 plus vat per profile).

At ARV Solutions we work with leading experts in the field, and have two accredited assessors within the business, allowing our clients to make the best informed, objective decisions when it comes to growing their business.

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