Culture, diversity and Inclusion, a look back to January

Culture, diversity and Inclusion, a look back to January

Competition can be healthy, no one should be afraid of working in competition. However, in the vast majority of industries, the competition comes to a conclusion prior to the work starting. Not so for recruitment. Too often agencies are expected to carry on competing after the work has been started – potentially leading to a race to get CVs. Sounds flawed right? It is, and potentially encourages recruiters to send first check later, leading to a negative experience for both candidate and client.

Fortunately, the majority of our long term loyal clients trust us to do their recruitment exclusively already. However, there are many other times when we have put in the work to find a great candidate, we speak to them, qualify their skills and experience, check their interest and suitability for not just the role but also the organisation, only to find another agency has bypassed these steps and put them and no doubt other unsuitable candidates forward without their knowledge (it’s illegal too!).

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Being approached by multiple agencies can lead to confusion for many candidates and lead to making the client look unprofessional. It can lead to good candidates ‘switching off ‘ from particular employers.

How much?! 

Often clients have accused agencies of charging fees that are too high, but with an average recruitment industry success rate of 1:4 or worse is it surprising?

Search and selection by its very nature is an exclusive assignment business, and sees much better success rates, closer to 1:1.

Providing your chosen recruitment agency with exclusivity, for an agreed period of time, allows recruiters to do their job thoroughly and professionally, and importantly affords them to put even greater time and effort into each assignment. You get full value!

The problem has been created by the recruitment industry as a result of cold calls promising results and saying ‘I can work on this too’. It has become ingrained in the agency process, and too often taken as normal by employers.

Commitment allows us to work harder 

If recruitment agencies are to survive and thrive going forward, they need to focus their sales skills on winning exclusive business – allowing us to focus on selling our clients opportunities properly to the candidates. Your brand and reputation as an employer mean a lot and so does ours as an agency. Let’s enhance these by doing the competing before the work starts, commit to the agency you have selected, with the best possible brief and access to line managers.

Our new ARVIEW service, incorporating video interview and client tracking portal (amongst many other game changing benefits) is available at the same or lower fees than contingency recruitment – for clients who understand the benefit of working exclusively for an agreed period of time.  Find out more here.


To discuss your recruitment needs, our new ARVIEW service, and why you will genuinely benefit from working exclusively, please contact Jim Roach, Managing Director of ARV Solutions |  | 0117 9592008


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