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Are candidates using you as a stepping stone?

If employees leave after months rather than years, it leaves you with a learner in the role much of the time. Why are candidates doing this—and what can you as an employer do to stop the hop? Why candidates could … Continue reading

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How our people used their £500 Wellbeing Fund last year

Then it occurred to us: why should we be the ones to pick? The no.1 expert on your body and mind is you. So we decided to just give our team £500 each, every year, to spend on anything remotely … Continue reading

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Could MMC solve the UK’s retrofitting challenge?

The UK needs to get its domestic buildings fit to meet its ambitious goal of net zero by 2050. We need a fast, scalable solution. That solution could be MMC (Modern Methods of Construction.) Right now, we still rely on … Continue reading

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A Journey of Growth, Resilience, and Innovation – Jim Roach’s Year in Review at ARV Solutions

The year kicked off with a significant achievement as we secured our Investors in People Platinum accreditation, a testament to our dedicated team’s hard work. Despite our initial plan to pause major changes, we soon found ourselves restructuring roles, creating … Continue reading

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I’ve been in recruitment for 38 years. Here’s how it’s changed.

There were no job boards in those days. We posted job advertisements in the newspaper, under “Situations Vacant”. There were no copiers in the office–we had ink-based duplicators that messed up your shirts! And there were no laptops or PCs–just … Continue reading

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Helping Hollyhedge: Skipping Secret Santa for a Pawsitively Good Cause!

Finding Inspiration in Furry Friends Our colleague Annie Parker shared the heartwarming story of finding Figgy, her feline friend, at Hollyhedge Animal Rescue Centre. This sparked a collective decision to direct our efforts toward this worthy cause. Deb and Jim … Continue reading

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Celebrating Milestones: A Month of Work Anniversaries at ARV Solutions

1 Year Anniversaries: Will, Annie, and Ciara We kicked off the celebrations by raising a toast to Will, Annie, and Ciara, who have each completed a fantastic first year with us. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work have truly made … Continue reading

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Going global with MMC? So are we!

One of our main areas of focus right now is the Middle East, where there are tremendous opportunities for offsite construction and other MMCs. Gigaprojects like NEOM and the Red Sea Project will require huge infrastructure and building efforts. The … Continue reading

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Navigating the Skills Shortage: Strategies for Hiring Top Talent

Crafting Clear and Engaging Job Advertisements: When hiring top talent, your job posting is the first impression potential candidates have of your company. Keep it clear, concise, and inviting. Highlight not only the responsibilities but also the opportunities for growth … Continue reading

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Investors in People Awards: We’re finalists!

To make the final shortlist, we had to firstly get accredited at Platinum level – which only a very small proportion of accredited organisations get to attain – not too shabby eh – 9 year journey though! The highlights of … Continue reading

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