Competitor Analysis – May 2021

Competitor Analysis – May 2021

We keep saying we are the market leaders in offsite sector recruitment, but is it true?

ARV Solutions have been established for over 17 years, and have lead the way in establishing a specialist high quality recruitment provider to the offsite construction sector. We believe ourselves to be the market leaders, by any measure, and with the highest quality of service – a bold claim! It’s easy to see how we’re the market leaders with some competitor analysis.

It is important to be able to substantiate claims like this, so we regularly carry out competitor analysis. Until recently this was straightforward, as no other agency took offsite seriously enough to claim a specialism in the sector. Today there are several trying to get into the market, to keep us on our toes!

Number of staff specialising in offsite sector:

We have 10 currently, and are in the process of recruiting 5 more! All of us specialise in offsite. The closest competitor has 3, at least partly working for offsite as far as we can discern.

Number of vacancies in the offsite sector:

The most vacancies another recruiter had was 18, after taking into account the duplication of adverts on their website. ARV Solutions currently have 102, with 81 of these live on our website as of 4th May 2021. This is added to, and taken from daily, as we work hard to ensure all advertised roles are accurate. Most of the roles advertised elsewhere are with multiple agencies, and you can be assured these are with us too!

We are increasingly agreeing preferred, exclusive and retained relationships with clients, with over 90% of our advertised vacancies on that basis today. There are a few roles out there which we we are less certain of, inevitably. We don’t claim to work with everyone, and make positive decisions not to work with a few for varied reasons!

There are many other measures to consider, including the likelihood of us filling your vacancies, commitment to membership of Trade Associations, investment in our people, and testimonials to name a few. We are happy to stand up and be measured by any of these!

At ARV Solutions we will continue to strive to maintain our clear market leading position, and to keep upping the service levels, as we have succeeded in doing with the ARVIEW service.

If you work with us already, you can be assured we will keep striving to retain your business. If you are yet to give us a try, please get in touch on 0117 9592008 or fill in the contact form here

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