Candidate Newsletter February 2022

Candidate Newsletter February 2022

Candidate Newsletter February 2022:

Here at ARV Solutions, we have decided it’s time to update our database. If you haven’t been in contact with us recently, please get in touch with an updated CV and Postcode so we can keep your information as up-to-date as possible. Having said that, if you would like your data to be removed – we equally want to hear from you!

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Currently, the market is really strong. We’re seeing more and more clients positive about equity and diversity, asking us for a more diverse shortlist with every job vacancy. Clients are more proactive about making interviews happen – ARView is processing interviews quicker, filling higher proportion of jobs so there’s no need for 5 interviews to be on the go, we just need 2 to make a placement. Our success rates over the last 18 months, because of markets and our tech, have sky rocketed. Meaning you have the best chances of being placed by us ever!

We have been astounded by the success rates of ARView, it’s moving quickly. Be part of the movement – contact us to find out how we can help you.

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