TWO new recruiters join ARV Solutions

TWO new recruiters join ARV Solutions

Two new recruiters are being welcomed into the ARV Solutions team! We are delighted to welcome; Terry Lee and Callum Nickells on board!

As we hire two new recruiters, candidate shortages continue to affect the UK Construction space. As many employers enjoy a post-lockdown recovery boom, they are fighting harder than ever to retain their best talent. Combine this with record levels of vacancy growth and we find a perfect storm of demand continuing to outstrip supply.

Not unique to construction, this recovery trend is creating candidate shortages across many industries, including recruitment! After an eight week campaign to attract the best available talent in our sector, we are proud announce the appointment of three new experienced recruiters to the ARV Solutions team.

Terry Lee – Divisional Lead – Construction Recruitment

Callum Nickells – Account Manager – Sales Recruitment

Thanks to the continued support of our client’s, we have enjoyed the best half-year start in our seventeen year history, thus the need to hire more skills into our growing team.

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