Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ is a reminder that there is always an alternative to taking your own life.

Organisations and communities worldwide recognise Suicide Prevention Day to raise awareness and create a world where fewer people die of suicide. The phrase ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ is a reminder that there is always an alternative to taking your own life.

At ARV Solutions we understand that good mental health is essential to an individual’s well-being. As recruiters within the Offsite Construction Industry, we recognise each sector has unique challenges and stresses, and the impact these can have on individuals within the industry. As a people-centric company, ARV Solutions champion good mental health throughout the industry, which is why we support the Lighthouse Construction Charity.

Lighthouse Construction Charity – Suicide Prevention Day

“Every working day in the UK and Ireland two construction workers take their own life” – Lighthouse Construction Charity 

Funded by the construction industry specifically for the industry people, the Lighthouse Construction Charity is on a mission to reduce industry suicides and improve the workforce’s well-being and welfare. The charity provides emotional, physical, and financial well-being to construction workers and their families. They offer financial aid, advice on occupational health, mental health well-being, and support on legal, tax, and debt management matters.

The Construction Helpline is 24/7 and offers support and advice for construction families in crisis. If you would like help, please head to their website HERE 

Purple lighthouse with charity name below

Throughout the year ARV Solutions raises donations to support the Lighthouse Construction Charity. Below is a previous post on one of our favourite fundraising evenings.

If you would like to know ways of becoming a supporter of the Lighthouse Construction Charity, head across to their website for more details HERE

Charity fundraising for 2022 with a Poker Night at ARV Solutions


As construction specialists, we understand the industry’s unique regulatory requirements and the complexities of keeping workers safe. Our consultants can advise on all aspects of compliance, from CDM regulations to IR35 changes.

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