Study reveals potential for 2,000 new rooftop homes across Southwark

Study reveals potential for 2,000 new rooftop homes across Southwark

Up to 2,000 new rooftop homes could be built across Southwark without having to demolish any existing buildings, according to research by Fruition Properties and Knight Frank.  The innovative study, which involved the development of geoprocessing tools that could test sites for development viability and identify unobstructed frontages, revealed over 500 sites in Southwark with potential to deliver a minimum of four rooftop homes each above existing properties.

ARV Solutions have recruited for various rooftop/airspace projects, and we expect to see more offsite solutions used in this way. As land is scarce and costly it makes sense to consider it where possible – though neighbour/tenant consent seems to be an increasing issue as we have seen in Bristol recently. Jim Roach

Approximately a quarter of these sites are owned by the local authority, suggesting that there is significant potential for the private and public sectors to work together to unlock much-needed new housing in dense areas.

‘Help unlock the potential of our rooftops’
Mani Khiroya, managing director of Fruition Properties, said: “Development in the UK is a relatively antiquated and a process that needs to join the 21st century.

“Developers needs to adopt data, technology and modern methods of construction to make the delivery of homes more efficient.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Knight Frank, drawing on its market-leading geospatial data offering to identify and deliver new homes across the capital.

“We know there is clear potential in Southwark, however this process could be rolled out across other London boroughs or indeed other UK cities.

“It could help local authorities determine housing policies and rooftop development site designations while helping to tangibly deliver against residential housing targets.

“Collectively, I call for the industry to come together and help unlock the potential of our rooftops.”

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