Record First Quarter Results

Record First Quarter Results

Having made it through 2020 fully intact, 2021 is off to a great start with record numbers of people placed into new roles

Coming in to 2021, we had retained all our staff, and managed to top up salaries and commissions in full for any who had been furloughed – leading up to record first quarter results.

The team responded by making the very most of the recovering recruitment market, and making Q1 the very best start to a year the business has ever experienced. It has been the best financially, and in terms of numbers of candidates placed into permanent career moves.

3 Factors:

  1. Recovering market. Offsite construction has been growing in prominence for years, and is coming out of the pandemic more in demand than ever.
  2. ARVIEW – our much enhanced recruitment process incorporating advanced video interview technology as well as many extra value adds, has resulted in fill rates increasing from an average of 33% to 89% on ARVIEW retained assignments- close to search and select success levels.
  3. The incredible commitment and hard work of our fantastic team of Recruiters!

Moving in to Quarter 2 we are forecasting market conditions to continue to strengthen, based on widespread optimism and hiring plans across our wide client base. ARVIEW is being taken up by more and more clients, and increasingly on an exclusive and retained basis as clients appreciate the benefits of working in this way.

We have now been able to reward staff with pay reviews, back dated to the previous April. Additionally, thee are further incentives to keep up the high quality work they are achieving. We never stand still, so will keep looking for ways to add further value to our clients and candidates.

Hiring plans are in process to significantly grow our team. There are approaches  being made to experienced Recruiters who share our values, and we are attracting new people into the sector who we can train and develop. More like our record first quarter results to come!

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