PROMOTIONS at ARV Solutions!

PROMOTIONS at ARV Solutions!

I am delighted to announce today, the promotion of both Rob Elford and Craig Nicholls to Associate Director at ARV Solutions.

Throughout lockdown, they have each worked harder than any of my high expectations, and shown huge loyalty, commitment, and support.

They have managed to create and fulfill recruitment opportunities far exceeding even our best-revised forecasts, which has helped secure our business and our team’s careers.

Additionally, they have contributed and taken the lead in the crucial strategic decisions we have needed to make, and throughout the development of our new tools and services which are taking the business forward to new levels; namely ARVIEW and ARV-ADS, which are already proving so successful.

I am immensely grateful for the exceptional dedication they have given to the business during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in ever-changing and challenging circumstances.

Their total support, loyalty, and work ethic is more than I could have asked to protect our business, which I will forever remember.

I am of course grateful to my whole team, whether working or sitting tight under furlough (it’s great to have everyone back now!). Everyone has an important part to play in our journey. ARV Solutions wouldn’t be such a great place without our loyal and committed clients, to whom I am also very grateful for their ongoing support.

Going forward, we have the best team, and leadership within our business. We continue to stand up and be counted as the market-leading recruiters in offsite / MMC recruitment.

We also now have the most advanced and effective recruitment tools combined into the very best service offering for our clients, which can take levels of success for our clients to new heights.

Well done Rob and Craig – and thank you!