Going global with MMC? So are we!

Going global with MMC? So are we!

ARV Solutions have been working internationally since we started up 20 years ago. But recently, the boom in modern methods of construction (MMC) has inspired us to look further afield to a far greater extent. 

With the international markets so strong, the demand for MMC skills so extensive, and career opportunities so abundant, we need to be closely involved. We want to be able to offer our candidates the best opportunities in the world!

One of our main areas of focus right now is the Middle East, where there are tremendous opportunities for offsite construction and other MMCs. Gigaprojects like NEOM and the Red Sea Project will require huge infrastructure and building efforts. The locations, and the lack of a local established industry at anywhere near the scale required, mean offsite is an ideal part of the solution, reducing labour requirements while boosting speed and quality. 

In particular, there’s an immediate need to develop new factories and produce tried-and-tested modular buildings. Middle Eastern construction companies don’t want to reinvent the wheel – there’s a significant interest over there in the solutions we’ve developed over here. 

Undoubtedly, the manufacturing process will need to advance rapidly, and likely automate to cope with the turnaround times and volumes required – but what an opportunity for British manufacturers to get into the export market! Rather than exporting products from the UK, it’s British designs and skills that are most likely to be in demand. 

Are you talking to the UAE and Saudi about setting up factories to work on these amazing projects? We may be able to help with introductions and the extensive additional staffing required. 

In addition, if you need help setting up, then ARV Solutions have a partner who can assist with:

  • UK companies looking to expand internationally without an entity abroad.
  • International companies looking to expand into the UK without an entity.
  • Testing the market in a new country risk-free.
  • Advice and support on in-country rules, regulations, salaries and employment costs.
  • International Payroll in local currency.
  • International HR according to in-country statutory rights.
  • International Visa applications.

This could really take MMC forward at a rate unseen as yet in the UK, and at scales we’ve only dreamt of.

Considering making your next step international? Get in touch and see how we can help.


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