ARV Volunteer Day at Avon Needs Trees

ARV Volunteer Day at Avon Needs Trees

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”― Chinese proverb

Staff at ARV have been supporting charities and raising money throughout the year; one of these charities is Avon Needs Trees, a local Bristol-based charity, working to reforest surrounding areas to improve bio-diversity, create flood defences and create beautiful public spaces.  Last year Avon Needs Trees planted a whopping 10,000 trees and are now looking for a third site.  Read on to find out what the team got up to.

Last Friday a working party  (Phoebe, Tommy, Terry and Lewis) ventured out for ARV’s first volunteering day of the year to Avon Needs Trees’ Hazeland site to care for and develop the land. Phoebe Scott, account manager, shares her experience:

The day started with a lovely walk with a team of other volunteers through a forest full of amazing bluebells.  After this we were given a much-needed demonstration of how we plant the trees and use the tools in a safe way.   I am pleased say all of us managed a whole day without an injury – surprisingly!

The morning was spent planting trees  –  16  in total –  which we were quite impressed with!  In the afternoon, we went for beautiful walk around the site, sat in picturesque spot in the middle of the forest with a tree log seating area, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. We then completed some maintenance tasks, including changing the tree shelters as the  growing saplings needed extra protection from animals.

We would like to thank Avon Trees for having us for the day and showing us the ropes. We will definitely be back.  Once our aching muscles have recovered!

We are also giving our clients and candidates the chance to support Avon trees every time ARV make a placement.  All we ask is that clients and candidates complete our survey and we will make a donation for every one we receive during 2022.

Phoebe Scott

Avon Needs Trees

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tree planting day

tree planting day