Why not use TEAMS? Or Skype or Zoom……?

Why not use TEAMS? Or Skype or Zoom……?

Video interviews are easy to do, we can all use Skype, Zoom, TEAMS – loads of options out there. So why have we bothered to invest in our advanced video interview platform incorporating an applicant tracking system?


Our new platform has many benefits beyond being video software that can be branded with our client’s logo.

ARVIEW facilitates a better recruitment process where everything can all be done in one place. A place tailor made for the recruiting.

Branded with your company logo, holding all your job descriptions, video descriptions, company videos, company brochure, benefits package details, testimonials, project examples and more under one impressive tailored made solution.

All those included in the recruitment process can view full details on job roles and candidates, they have the ability to comment and give feedback, watch recorded interviews, arrange video interviews directly with candidates, record interviews for others to see – all alongside the candidate’s CV and our concise Consultant notes. You don’t even have to watch the whole interview – just pick which question/s you would like to view and simply skip to that point in the recording. ARVIEW really is a better way of managing the recruitment process. Saving time and providing clients with the confidence to make better informed decisions quicker.

Alongside ARVIEW we have a host of other benefits that really add value to the recruitment process. Pre-interviewed candidates (by our Consultants), psychometric assessments, wider advertising packages, and an enhanced rebate scheme. We really have found a better way of working in partnership with our clients.

(and if you really want to, you can still arrange to meet our candidates for interview within your own video meeting platform – we are not that precious!)

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How can ARVIEW can work for you? To discuss your recruitment needs and our new ARVIEW service please contact Jim Roach, Managing Director of ARV Solutions  | 0117 959 2008 | Jim.Roach@arvsolutions.co.uk