Video interviews transform recruitment success

Video interviews transform recruitment success

Our clients are loving the introduction of ARVIEW, incorporating Advanced Video Technology and how our video interviews transform recruitment success.

Who would have thought adding video interviews to the recruitment process would make such a difference? Read on – to hear how we’re using video interviews to transform recruitment success.

When we initially looked at video interview tech we saw it as an interesting added value add-on. When Covid hit we implemented it rapidly to overcome travel restrictions and social distancing issues.*

Today, we use it as the norm, as it has helped transform the recruitment process!

*Actually – back in March 2020 I foresaw that we would have far fewer vacancies, and may go bust if we didn’t start filling a far higher proportion of them, and faster! There was finally an opportunity – or rather an imperative, to change how recruitment agencies work with employers. The old model of going to a selection of agencies in competition had been a broken one for too many years. Success only fees, whilst competing with 5 or more others has always lead to low quality service, and too often, illegal practices of pushing CVs without even talking to candidates. It sometimes meant we lost out on placements as we had taken the time to establish interest and suitability first, thus losing in the CV race.

Service upgrade:

With the introduction of video, we upgraded our whole service: to work exclusively, and ideally with a low up front retained fee. Many clients took the leap, and moved forward with us, backed up by a no quibble guarantee that if it didn’t work as we said, we’d refund the retainer – no questions asked!

Client Portal:

At the heart of our ARVIEW service is an advanced client portal to manage vacancies, give feedback and arrange interviews. Within the portal our clients can read CVs as before, alongside detailed Consultant notes, and a short video interview showcasing the candidates strengths and personality.

We upped the service offering too. We doubled the rebate period, taking on more of the risk should things go wrong (with a thorough and professional recruitment process they rarely do). We upped the reach taking on costly advertising across ALL major job boards, rather than our favoured few. We offered free psychometric profiling to add more reliability to the matching process.

The commitment of a retained fee or exclusivity enabled us to spend more valuable time searching, matching and talking to candidates. We had time to really engage our networks to access more passive jobseekers.


The result is that we now fill between 78% (Exclusive) and 89% (retained) of vacancies compared to 34% previously. This is an astounding productivity improvement  beyond my high expectations! We have saved our clients time and money by providing an effective first round interview stage by recorded video. This timesaving for clients, has helped shorten the process and get candidates started sooner.

We are providing the value that clients deserve when paying a recruitment fee (rather than having to charge high fees just to allow for low fill rates!)

We are also continually striving to improve the process. Our tech provider tells us our stats exceed all other users, but we don’t rest on that. We are working with their Developers on enhancing the functionality, with many upgrades planed based on our feedback. Interviews are subjective, so we keep working with clients to ask the specific questions that resound for them. Actually, the only less than ideal feedback we have had from a few, has been in relation to interview style. You still can’t please all people, all the time with one solution!

Get in touch:

If you’d like to improve your recruitment process and to work with a professional recruitment business in a trusted partnership, please ask about how ARVIEW could work for you, just as it has for so many of our clients already.

Jim Roach

Managing Director


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