The employment market is changing – but not how you might expect

The employment market is changing – but not how you might expect

We have seen, many lose jobs during Covid, often through no fault of their own, and some really strong people are now immediately available. However, many more are on the job market, who are perfectly fine in their role.

Lay-offs lead to unexpected departures
When employers lay off staff, or there is a threat of it, those most under threat cling on, and those most comfortable often take a choice to move forward with their career elsewhere. This is particularly the case when they start seeing those laid off gaining great new jobs elsewhere and realise they could do better for themselves.

Feeling unsupported
Another type of job seeker has sadly come about through lack of support from their employer during Covid (whether real or perceived). We see really significant numbers who were not treated or kept informed well, or what information they received was a corporate placebo rather than open and honest communication. There are many who received furlough payments well below full pay, and more who’s hard-won bonuses and commissions were lost.

In many cases this is understandable where businesses have struggled, though when employers quote staff are their most important asset, but can’t back it up when things get tough, this no longer rings true.

Reflecting on life
People have had time to think and reflect on life, and what is important. Many are taking action to move on from the job they were happy to put up with, despite the security, or the high pay, to get a role that they can love, that challenges, or gives increased responsibility or status, or even regardless of these.

Prior to Covid the candidate market was as tight as it has ever been – in over 20 years, with people staying put from uncertainty around Brexit and the economy. Those uncertainties have been completely eclipsed in the past few months by the pandemic, and therefore hold less fear.

There’s never been a better time…….really? What this also means, is that there are exceptionally strong candidates interested in a good move now, who were simply not approachable prior to the pandemic. It’s a cliche but there has never been (in recent years) a better time to hire great talent. Our clients are now are getting better short lists, with closer matching skills, and not necessarily having to pay over the odds to get them.

This article from ARV Solutions Managing Director Jim Roach featured in December 2020’s Offsite Magazine.¬†