Quiet Firing

Quiet Firing

As employers tighten the reins on flexibility it could be suggested that the more appropriate term for ‘Quiet Quitting’ is ‘Quiet Firing’.

As working hours can dominate the work-life balance, some may say the anti-work movement ‘Quiet Quitting’ is no more than a shift in the live to work mentally, which has spiralled due to unengaged workers feeling undervalued. As employers tighten the reins on flexibility with a less forward-thinking approach, it could be suggested that the more appropriate term for ‘Quiet Quitting’ is ‘Quiet Firing’.

Some would argue the shift back to the work to live mentally was caused by the control given to employees over their work-life balance because of the pandemic. People’s mindsets changed and motivations moved predominantly from money and security to their lifestyle and focus on achieving worthwhile work. So, it’s no surprise that post-pandemic brought an influx of businesses offering flexible working schemes. However, even with modern technology allowing instant connectivity and remote collaborative working, we are still seeing employers tighten the reins.

Generally, an attractive employer listens to the needs of their people, seeking out solutions to support them against external pressures. Although certain aspects of flexible working schemes are not realistic for certain sectors, showing the value and importance of an employee can be displayed in multiple areas, such as bonuses, pay rises, benefits, etc. These softer elements of a business can keep workers engaged and attract candidates in a competitive market. Workers don’t stop being candidates simply because they’ve signed a contract. Often, in cases where companies aren’t forward-thinking and prepared to implement change, workers can be driven past their patients and pushed straight to the door, resulting in Quiet Firing. 

Naturally, the engaged employee tends to feel valued within their role and by their employer. Businesses can’t afford to fall short in the current climate, with living wages versus living expenses, workers are forced to unwillingly resign. Understanding the importance of flexibility and forward-thinking is essential because candidate attraction is weak without it. Finding the right candidate with the right skills for the job, whilst respecting their value is paramount to the smooth running and success of your business.  

As industry experts we under the importance of value, we are a barometer for clients and candidates. As trusted partners to companies, we understand our clients’ niche sectors and candidates’ aspirations. We thrive on high repeat and referral business levels, grown and nurtured by building and investing in professional relationships. 

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