Offsite is dead? Long live MMC!

Offsite is dead? Long live MMC!

There is now a lot of talk around terminology for the industry – out is the term ‘offsite’, and in is ‘MMC’. This has been highlighted in the recent publication of the MMC Definition Framework.

Developed by a specialist sub-group of the MHCLG MMC cross industry working group, this is a seven category definition framework that enables ‘a full and future proofed range of Modern Methods of Construction’ used in home building to be better understood with regularised terminology.  One objective of this is to enable confidence building in the industry which in turn will encourage investment.

Will MMC play an instrumental role in increasing supply of homes? The Government is more committed than ever to investing in the industry. Continued support is essential to realise the potential of MMC and ensure opportunities are achieved. Support of start-ups and SMEs is crucial, as is a focus on upskilling talent.

Jim Roach, Managing Director of ARV Solutions states: “As the leading recruiters in offsite (sorry, I meant MMC!) we have seen a hugely increasing demand for teams of talent from start-ups, and with continued investment support and education, opportunities for growth are now real and vast.”

We have seen the high profile start-ups, with many more under the radar currently, coming in with major investments, committed clients and well-developed offerings. Further investment, and commitment from client organisations of all kinds is key to continue to drive innovation and ensure the MMC evolution can be realised, but it’s never been more likely. The industry is very much alive and about to really grow!

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This article featured in the May/June 2019 edition of Offsite Magazine