Making Connections – Mental Health Awareness Week

Making Connections – Mental Health Awareness Week

ARV’s  regular monthly breakfast club took place on 11th May and is always a great opportunity to connect with colleagues, reflect, look forward and catch up.  During these days of hybrid working and part-time work patterns, it’s a great opportunity for the whole team to be together

As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – with a focus on loneliness – we thought it would be good to talk about the challenges hybrid working brings to organisations and their teams.  When lockdown was announced in March 2020, working from home was an alien concept for the ARV Team.  Within 48 hours, we moved from a buzzing, busy, collaborative,  open planned office to working alone.

The team quickly adapted, embraced Microsoft Teams,  Whatsapp Groups, VPN connections  and adjusted to this new way of working – attempting to stay in touch as much as possible by making the most of the technology available.  This helped with feelings of isolation.

Working from home can be a lonely experience and some of the team returned as soon as possible – keen to get back to some form of normality.  Others were more nervous of returning to a busy office; some anxious about the obvious Covid risks, others fearing they would not be able to concentrate in a noisy environment and be less productive.

We know there is no “once size fits all” hybrid model and we all have different needs but what we have found over the last few months, as confidence has returned and the office has become busier, our team here at ARV have once again adapted whilst still holding on to the professional, family friendly, collaborative culture we have created over almost 20 years in business.

We know the wellbeing of our team – both at work and home – is paramount to our success

At this event we also announced and shared our latest wellbeing survey for all staff to feed back how they are – and how we are doing as a business to support them. If you’d like information on this to share with your employees, talk to our Operations Coordinator, Deb Roach: