Looking to Hire Under Restrictions?

Looking to Hire Under Restrictions?

With restrictions on working from the office increasing, it is timely to remind employers that we provide a unique solution to the employment process.

Looking to Hire Under Restrictions? During the 2020 pandemic we made the switch to video interviews (with questions specifically focussed to your needs) alongside extensive pre-interview notes, and a full candidate cv – all within a secure branded portal.

This new style of hiring saved our company in a time when so many others failed to meet the changing times. As 2021 draws to a close, we’re finishing what has been a record year here for us at ARV Solutions.

Our video interview process is immediately reducing the need for many initial face to face meetings, and is also saving clients weeks from their interview process – largely enabling a move straight to a second interview.

The facts speak for themselves – our fill rates for vacancies where the ARVIEW service is used are more than double the industry averages.

In addition to the improved quality and speed of the process, we have a bundle of additional benefits for ARVIEW retained clients – including a 6 month rebate scheme!

So whether you’re looking to hire under restrictions, or just wanting to streamline the process to ensure you get the best possible candidates – use ARView.