Investors in People – Platinum Award

Investors in People – Platinum Award

At ARV Solutions, we have just been through our 12-month review with our Investors in People Assessor.

Not too scary – as we gained accreditation at Platinum level, and we don’t get fully reassessed for another 2 years!

We didn’t plan on any major changes since the accreditation – except to up our game on the business development front and in developing newer markets to keep our growth moving. (we are doing a lot more in Facades, Steel Fabricating, Architecture, and International, as well as Executive Search).

What actually happened was that we significantly restructured the business to make it happen! We realised we couldn’t achieve the growth we needed without freeing up time for our Recruiters to do the work. We also cannot afford to reduce efforts spent on searching for talented candidates. The result is working fabulously!

We created our in-house Talent Acquisition Team who are fully dedicated to sourcing candidates for live vacancies and seeking out passive jobs seekers too – working even more effectively with the huge database of people we have developed over the years. They are also supported with the very best tech and training for reaching out, and updating records so that we can rapidly get to meaningful careers conversations. NB: many others outsource this to India – I just know that cannot be as in-depth and effective as our own experts!

Our Recruiting Account Managers now have more time to work closely with clients and go out and meet companies to understand them better. We are already beginning to see the dividends on both ends and are excited to continuously improve these for the benefit of our clients and candidates.

Big kudos to our Directors Rob Elford and Craig Nicholls for developing the plan, and our whole team for embracing it! The lesson – you can’t just get more – you need to work out the best way to do it, and use all the available skills to best effect. (The Assessor was amazed and impressed of course – hopefully you will be when using us to recruit for you!).

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