Improving our green credentials

Improving our green credentials

The biggest challenge, past the Covid crisis, is climate change. We need to do what we can to make the world a better place for the next generation. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are trying to help. Here’s what we are doing currently to improve our green credentials:

We already take numerous actions to reduce our environmental impact, but know we need to keep doing more to better our own and encourage others to improve their green credentials. After all, we all live on the same planet.

Recycling: We already recycle everything we can.

The office is close to paperless: We’ve survived without printing at home for over a year!

Bike storage: We are adding secure locking devices to the office to help those staff who wish to cycle to work.

We will continue with Video Interviews for all candidates beyond the lockdowns, saving candidates travelling to many first round interviews. Our video interview platform is making almost all first interview stages virtual – cutting down on many hundreds of car travel trips each year.

For each vacancy we fill we will commit to donating a tree for the Avon Needs Trees Charity. We will encourage our staff to get involved in environmental volunteering work with this charity and others. 3 days of holiday have already been allocated to each staff member for this volunteering work.

An Electric Vehicle charge point will be fitted at the office, facilitating staff to go electric. Any company vehicles at ARV Solutions will be at least hybrid or full electric going forward.

Hybrid working has been agreed with all staff following a company wide survey asking for views on this. Implementing this has the potential to reduce commuting by up to 60%.  We have calculated that each day our staff travel 145 miles by car to and from the office (Not counting Graham who is already all electric!) Saving 36.7kg of CO2 for each day we all work from home Рa potential saving of over 5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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