How to secure top talent and keep them

How to secure top talent and keep them

Today it’s a candidate’s market, talent is in high demand and your competitors are competing for talent too. To ensure you don’t miss out on securing top talent for your business read our top tips.

Before the interview

Work with your recruiter to develop a thorough job description. Detail the key must have skills but keep in mind things you will be flexible on and consider transferable skills.  List key benefits, this is a job advert, therefore, you want to attract the right people to apply. Let them know why they should want to work for you.

During the interview

Prepare questions beforehand, and evaluate their value. Don’t ask a question just for the sake of it. The most dreaded question candidates hear – ‘What are your weaknesses?’ Not much value is to be gained from this question. Ask instead ‘What would you need to improve on to succeed in this role.’

Invest time in interviews, don’t cancel at the last minute or keep candidates waiting, their time is just as valuable as yours. Ensure the key people get to meet the candidate so an informed decision can be made quickly. You don’t want a competitor getting in their first and making your candidate an offer.

Show them around, offer the candidate an office tour or the chance to meet some of the team. Don’t fear you will be revealing too much, but providing your candidate with a sense of reassurance, allowing them to make a better informed decision should you make them an offer. It will provide you both with a sense of how the candidate will fit in with the company culture and leave the candidate with a positive experience of your company -that they have been valued regardless of whether or not they have been offered a role.

Be aware of the competition, highlight to the candidate why your company stands out and why they should want to work for you.


After the interview

Provide feedback, whether they have been successful or not. Taking the time to provide feedback to candidates not only provides them with the information to move their job search forward but it also leaves them with a positive experience of your company, regardless if the feedback is negative.

Act swiftly, stick to a timeline and get back to people. Don’t miss out on a great candidate because of bad organisation and timing. Candidates may have other things in the pipeline. Taking too long to get back to people gives off a bad impression of your company and great candidates won’t be without an offer for long.

Don’t start with your lowest salary target, it’s a candidate’s market. By the time you’ve made an offer to a candidate it is likely you’ve seen them through a lengthy interview and selection process. Reaching out with a low offer expecting them to counter sends the wrong message and you could risk losing them to a competitor. Follow best practice and present them with a strong offer detailing your reasoning. This sets the course for a transparent and respectful relationship.

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