How can you enhance your chances for promotion?

How can you enhance your chances for promotion?

Want to move your career up a notch but aren’t quite ready to look elsewhere? How can you enhance your chances for promotion? Read our tips below on how to give yourself the best chance of getting the result you want.

Know your job and do it well

Exceeding expectations in your current role is a sure indicator you are ready for the next step. Achieving outstanding performance reviews will strengthen your position.

Be a team player

Ask how you can help your manager and your colleagues, without sacrificing your own workload, volunteering to get involved in additional projects will help you be viewed as someone colleagues want to work with.

Be on time

And don’t take unnecessary or unallocated time off, don’t be late, leave early or miss meetings. Show you want to be at work.

Be social 

Don’t skip the office party virtual or otherwise! Be connected and engaged, this will help you stand out when promotions are considered. Attend industry events and make an effort to network.

Train and develop

If it’s offered by your company take up any training or development opportunities. Keep your skills are the highest level they can be.

Don’t assume they will come to you

You may be lucky and your employer will come to you with a promotion but once you have achieved the above be prepared to ask or even apply.

Let your boss know

If your boss isn’t the decision maker be sure to let them know of your intentions, you will need their support.

Keep a log

Having visible evidence and data to back up your cause is really helpful when approaching your employer. Keep track of where you’ve gone above and beyond, include measurements, evidence of profits as a result of your work, anything that’s going to support your step up.

Making sure you are doing your job to the best of your ability before you ask will not only supply you with the confidence to approach the topic of promotion but give you the best chance of getting the answer you are after.

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