Halloween and the Horrors of Recruitment

Halloween and the Horrors of Recruitment

Halloween is fast approaching, the annual celebration of spooks and ghouls is a time to dress up and pretend to be somebody you’re not, all in the name of entertainment.

What isn’t entertaining however, is the horrifying culture adopted by most of the recruitment industry. This is the inspiration behind our horrors of recruitment tale, which is based on true stories!

The lone wolf 🐺 nature of “you’re in control of how much you earn” ruins all sense of team work as every member is out for themselves – reluctant to let the team hold them back from their maximum earning potential.

What they fail to see is that by working as a team, far more is achieved and as a result the rewards are even greater, even after being shared amongst everybody.

This in turn creates a toxic competitive atmosphere where individuals are left behind and looked down on by the rest of the team. This doesn’t say anything about how good they are at their job, but rather at how the team isn’t utilising the best skills of every member.

November 1st is ‘All Saints’ day, a celebration of the good and honest 👼🏻 (and Jim Roach, F.R.E.C. birthday!)

A culture that we pride ourselves on at ARV Solutions. By being honest with our clients and candidates, 91% of our business is currently repeat and referral. This means we’re constantly busy, but all of this extra work is shared amongst the team and as a result everybody gets a share in the rewards.

Why choose the horror of ghouls👻 and spooks👹 when you could work with an honest company that invests in it’s people.

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