Get to Know Tommy

The One With Tommo…

Get to know Tommy, an Account Manager at ARV Solutions and an expert in our Construction division.

Tommy talks about his interest, hobbies, career background, and biggest takeaways since being ARV Solutions.

Here’s what was said…

The One With Tommy

“Also known as Tommo in the office. I really like traveling and enjoy all my sports. You will see me on the weekend either watching or playing football or rugby. I spent a year and a half of my life traveling around southeast Asia and Australia. I’ve always loved getting away and when I can on the beaches or on the beers.”

Career Background

“My career background originally started after college in fleet management, I worked for a large facilities management company overseeing their fleet of vans and cars. I then moved on to being an energy broker in Australia, which I quite enjoyed, it gave me an insight into getting a lot of knows, creating new business, and developing relationships with clients and candidates as well.”


Recruitment Journey  

“What I’ve picked up since being with ARV Solutions is a really key focus with building relationships, not only with candidates but clients as well. We really understand and listen to our candidates to make sure we find them the best jobs for them, and also add value in terms of the recruitment and the process that we give to our clients, which really helps develop our relationship with them.”


Why is ARV Solutions Different?

“How collaborative we are as a business, for example, I work within the construction team and say I’m working with a client that’s looking for a new sales job, I can go to Callum and Graham, and introduce them to the client. Also on the flip side, if I find a candidate that was looking for a new timber frame designer role, for example, I can liaise with one of the Manufacturing, Operations, and Design team because they will be best suited to help with that role.”


Understanding the wants and needs of a candidate and client are critical for building the foundations for a perfect placement, and Tommy knows the importance of this.


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