Get to Know Sue

The One With Two Quirky Cars…

Get to know Sue, an Associate Director at ARV Solutions and an expert in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations.

We sat down with Sue to create the first of many ‘Get to Know’ blogs with our team members. We asked Sue to share a keen personal interest of hers. We asked about Sue’s career background. We asked about Sue’s journey in recruitment. We asked why she thinks ARV Solutions are different from other recruitment agencies.

Here’s what was said…

The One With Two Quirky Cars

“Yeah, I do have two quirky cars, they are both Japanese imports, the reason that I had my first one is that it’s just gorgeous. It looks like it was made in the 50s but it was actually made in the 90s. I’ve won a couple of awards with it; I do some charity stuff with it with dream rides. The other one just looks like a box, a silver box, but it’s very easy to spot in the car park. That’s my two quirky cars.”

Career Background

“My first job in the 70s was as a secretary, and you can go practically anywhere from a secretary to or admin job. So, from admin, I went into human resources, and HR I found it particularly interesting working with recruitment in training. Hence my career direction now. My background I have worked for an IC company for 12 years, so I got a bit of a head start with information technology in the 1980s. More lately I worked for both an engineering consultancy and a construction company, and that enabled me to get a good idea about the differences between types of engineering roles, so structural engineers and how a building structure engineer is completely different to someone who is working with bridges for example. So that certainly helped with those sorts of things and getting to know the terminology as well.”


Recruitment Journey  

“I’ve been in recruitment for just over 20 years, I started in an engineering consultancy in HR, and I decided I liked the recruitment side, so in 2006 I went into agency recruitment. I didn’t like agency recruitment, but two years later, I joined another agency, ARV Solutions, because we genuinely do things differently. I’ve been here obviously nearly 15 years now and it is absolutely true.”


Why is ARV Solutions Different?

 “I think ARV Solutions we are genuinely collaborative, so whereas in most other agencies you’re not just competing with other agencies, but you are also competing with your colleagues. It’s not like that with ARV Solutions, we are rewarded as a team as well as individually, so our individual effort will go towards the whole of the company, which makes us make sure that any jobs or candidates are directed towards the right person and not just somebody who thinks they will just keep that because it will make us some money. So yeah, collaboration definitely.


Sue has a wealth of HR and recruitment experience. Sue is highly experienced in recruiting for widespread technical roles and has in-depth knowledge of the needs of the offsite construction sector. 


Sue will be happy to discuss all your recruitment queries – get in contact today!





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