Get to Know Ciara

The One With The Footballer…

Get to know Ciara, a Resourcer at ARV Solutions and an expert in our Sales and Marketing division.

Ciara talks about her interests, hobbies, career background, and biggest takeaways since being ARV Solutions.

Here’s what was said…

The One With Ciara

“I played football for around eight years and I support my local team Bristol Rovers and I tend to go every Saturday to watch them.”

Career Background

“I originally worked in retail at Tesco before deciding to go into recruitment. I started my recruitment career at ARV Solutions and I’ve enjoyed every step of the way.”


Recruitment Journey  

“I joined ARV Solutions in October 2022 as part of the Sales and Marketing team with Graham and Callum as a resourcer. ”


Why is ARV Solutions Different?

“ARV Solutions are different because we use advanced software to help our candidates and clients through the recruitment process using ARVIEW which helps us Add Real Value ”


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