Get to Know Callum

The One With Big Callum…

Get to know Callum, an Account Manager at ARV Solutions and an expert in Sales and Marketing.

In this second edition of our ‘Get to Know’ blog we sat down with Big C to ask the obvious question on his ‘The one with’. We also wanted to know a little bit more about his recruitment background, and how he thinks ARV Solutions are different from other recruitment agencies.

Here’s what was said…

The One With Big C

“I’ve introduced myself to a lot of clients recently at various events as Big C, it’s something that’s come from joining ARV Solutions. There is another Callum here at the office, the main distinguishing factor between us two is the size difference. I spend a lot of time at the gym myself, I consider myself a bit of a powerlifter, I do the main bench squat deadlift lifts, so that’s the reason for the name.”

Career Background

“My career background in recruitment started with an employer for a recruitment company in the education sector so we did temporary recruitment in education. I was there for five years before I joined ARV Solutions and I think the main thing it did for me since starting with ARV is that it’s given me that sense of urgency to get things over the line. Whereas with traditional, permanent recruitment, maybe you have a bit more time and don’t have the same level of urgency, so I’ve carried that through to my time state with ARV.”


Recruitment Journey  

“Since being with ARV Solutions one of the main things I’ve picked up is industry knowledge, so as I mentioned before I was previously in education, which is completely unrelated to the offsite construction sector, so it took a while to pick up the lingo and know-how on the sector. After going to multiple trade events and meeting several clients in person and working on a lot of jobs, I seem to be picking that up quite well now.”


Why is ARV Solutions Different?

“There are a number of things we do a lot differently, as mentioned before going from temporary to permanent is a lot different in terms of recruitment. The main thing we distinguish ourselves with is video interviews as well as going to events and trade shows. So, focusing on going to events and trade shows side, we like to be at the heart of the industry and be involved in everything where we can really help increase our knowledge and know-how, for example, we have recently been to the MPBA Christmas dinner, and we’ve got the STA Christmas event coming up this year. All things which are very useful for us being seen as leaders in recruitment within the industry.”


As an expert in Sales and Marketing within Offsite Construction, Callum has a plethora of industry knowledge and contacts from his time spent at many trade shows and events representing ARV Solutions.


Callum will be happy to discuss all your recruitment queries – get in contact today!





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