Flexible working scheme

Flexible working scheme

Benefits of our flexible working scheme and the effects of working environments for team members health and well-being…


What a scorcher of a week it’s been with the glorious sunshine and high temperatures across the UK. We’ve had some serious heat coming from our office at ARV Solutions this week. The reason – no air-conditioning! Ironically, the two weeks we are having our air-conditioning reinstalled coincides perfectly with the two-week heat wave currently cooking the Southwest of England.

So, as you can imagine, the air-con can’t come soon enough, especially for our furry office friend Mo – he has been one hot pup. Luckily everyone’s week has consisted of a few days of home working, lots of fans, plenty of water, and ice lollies all around!

A comfortable working environment is crucial for the health and well-being of employees, and it’s during irrepressible situations like these where we see the benefits of our flexible working scheme. Happy content employees generate productivity and increases output and return on investment. Of course, we understand flexible working schemes are not always realistic for companies, especially those working onsite. In this case, we would advise taking regular breaks in shaded areas, drinking plenty of fluids, and stocking up on the SPF.


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