Employers: Top 10 values to look for in a recruitment agency

Employers: Top 10 values to look for in a recruitment agency

You’ve read the writing on the wall: the only way to survive the talent drought is to bring in expert help.

But with the talent drought comes a flood of recruiters. An embarrassment of choice. How  do you sort the good from the bad?

It’s actually quite simple. List out the key values you’re looking for in a recruiter to effectively address your hiring needs and attract top talent. Only an agency that delivers every value on your list is worth your time–but if you want an edge over the competition, you need an agency that delivers at least some of them better than the competition.

The values you list might vary depending on your specific needs, but for most employers, these are the top ten.

  1. Time-saving: You probably don’t have the time and resources to conduct extensive searches for qualified candidates. A recruitment agency’s ability to efficiently source, screen, and present suitable candidates can save you valuable time and effort. We can save more time than others with ARVIEW–pre-recorded candidate interviews, alongside our in-depth notes and candidate CVs, in your own branded portal.
  2. Access to a wider talent pool: Recruitment agencies have access to a broader network of candidates than any individual employer, including passive candidates–those who aren’t actively looking for work and won’t respond to your job ad. This wider talent pool increases the chances of finding the best match for the job. We have a network of 100,000 candidates built over 20 years specific to the sector. The evidence? 60% of our successful hires are placed from our database.
  3. Expertise and industry knowledge: A reputable recruitment agency has expertise in various industries and job roles. They understand the skills and qualifications required for specific positions, enabling them to identify candidates who possess the right fit for the role. We’re specialists in our sector and market leaders, with the largest team covering the sector.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Though using a recruitment agency involves a fee, it saves you money in the long run. Hiring the wrong person can lead to costly turnover, and a recruitment agency can help minimise the risk by presenting well-qualified candidates. If you want to make sure your investment brings you a massive return, choose an agency that adds serious, demonstrable value in all areas.
  5. Screening and vetting: The best recruitment agencies conduct thorough candidate screening, including assessing qualifications, skills, experience, and cultural fit. This process helps ensure that only the most suitable candidates are presented for consideration. At ARV Solutions, all candidates are telephone interviewed, with the option for a video interview specific to your questions. No candidates are ever sent unvetted–it happens a lot elsewhere! Experience helps us rule out candidates who look right but aren’t–and put forward those who may not look ideal but could be.
  6. Confidentiality: For certain positions or sensitive industries, you may require confidentiality during the hiring process. A reputable recruitment agency can safeguard your privacy and ensure that information about the opening does not reach the public domain. It should go without saying that we maintain absolute confidentiality.
  7. Negotiation and offer management: Experienced recruitment agencies can handle salary negotiations and facilitate the job offer process, ensuring a smooth transition from candidate selection to onboarding. All our staff are highly trained to deal with this critical stage–particularly counter offers and negotiating packages.
  8. Long-term partnerships: You may appreciate building long-term relationships with recruitment agencies that understand your company culture, values, and hiring preferences, leading to more successful and efficient future hiring. 90% of the work we’ve done over the last 20 years has been repeat business. Many clients have recruited 10, 20, 50 or more people from us and dealt with us for many years–often exclusively.
  9. Candidate experience: A positive candidate experience can reflect well on your employer brand. A recruitment agency that treats candidates with respect and professionalism can enhance your reputation in the job market. We’ve had 100% satisfaction rates from placed candidates for as long as we’ve been doing candidate surveys.
  10. Market insights and trends: Good recruitment agencies stay updated on the latest market trends, salary benchmarks, and candidate expectations, and give you valuable insights to help you adjust your hiring strategy. As well as our Salary Guide and benchmarking, our unique level of participation in the sector through trade body memberships, trade show exhibiting, and seminar attendance keeps ARV Solutions well ahead of others.

Ultimately, you want a recruitment agency that understands your unique needs, acts as an extension of your HR team, and delivers high-quality candidates who align well with your company culture and job requirements. Choosing the right recruitment partner will change the future of your business for the better.

Want to find out about ARV Solutions? We’re the market leaders in offsite construction recruitment with the most advanced, innovative recruitment methodologies. You can trust in our skills, knowledge, innovation and heritage that we know your industry better than any other. In partnership with our clients, no one is better placed to help move your business, your career and the industry forward. Get in touch.

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