Does your CV help you stand out from the crowd or is it just a list of job descriptions?

Does your CV help you stand out from the crowd or is it just a list of job descriptions?

There’s a lot of content on various platforms about writing the perfect CV and about as many points of view as to what a perfect CV looks like.

Sue Eustace,  Associate Director at ARV Solutions, has a wealth of experience in both the recruitment and HR sector. Here she offers advice on how to write a CV that stands out from the crowd.

“Recently I submitted a CV to a client who gave the feedback “too wordy”.  Looking again at the CV (we never edit the content of our candidates’ CVs, as we feel it’s a reflection of the individual) I noticed it looked like a job description. This one is not an isolated case. There are far too many CVs that would also fall into this category. Does your CV help you stand out from the crowd or is it just a list of job descriptions?

My advice would be the following:

Job title:

If the job title you held doesn’t reflect what you did, change it to one that describes it more accurately. You aren’t lying or misleading, you’re making it easier for the reader to see what you did.


Keep it relevant to the job you want – think about what is relevant and include it in your CV.


Talk about your achievements that demonstrate what you can bring to a new employer.

Tailor the content:

Keep a “master” document, a kind of pick and mix, and make sure every time you send your CV it reflects the job you are applying for.

Read it back:

Does it all retain your attention? Maybe it’s reading a little long or you find you’re losing interest. Think about what you can do to make it more readable. If you’re not sure, ask someone else to cast an eye over it.”

For more advice on writing your CV or other job searching hints and tips, head to: Resources – ARV Solutions

Sue Eustace has been with ARV Solutions since 2008, bringing a wealth of HR and recruitment experience. Sue is highly experienced in recruiting for widespread technical roles. She has in-depth knowledge of the needs of the offsite construction sector. 

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