CVs are flawed – Catching good candidates before they slip through the net

CVs are flawed – Catching good candidates before they slip through the net

Don’t’ judge a book by its cover certainly applies to CVs and candidates. We frequently see CVs from excellent candidates that do not reflect their complete skill set, sector experience and the value they can bring to employers. CVs often provide incomplete or missing location or contact information too.

Catching good candidates before they slip through the net 

It is not simply a case of sifting out the wrong candidates – we understand how to sift IN the good ones that might slip through the net, the ones whose CVs don’t reflect their true worth. 

We speak to candidates to gain a far better understanding of their true capabilities. Video interviews provide us with the opportunity to have a far greater rounded view than over the phone. And yet clients always ask for CVs – using this inaccurate way of making their selection. This often leaves us as experienced recruiters frustrated that good people have been dismissed. 

Making your selection process better 

Our new ARVIEW service solves this! Allowing us to present candidate interview videos alongside their CV and our Consultant notes through our client portal (with many other game changing benefits).We set out to provide our clients with valuable tools to enable them to make the right selections, ensuring a great candidate doesn’t slip through the net, straight to a competitor.   

ARVIEW is available at the same or lower fees than contingency recruitment – for clients who understand the benefit of working exclusively for an agreed period of time. 

Find out about our new ARVIEW service here.  

To discuss your recruitment needs, our new ARVIEW service please contact Jim Roach, Managing Director of ARV Solutions | 0117 9592008