Christmas Flexibility

Christmas Flexibility

During the festive season, bank accounts aren’t the only allowance that is running low…


As we have been getting closer to the end of the year things certainly have not been slowing down on the recruitment front. We still have plenty of Jobs to fill and clients that are eager for us to do so. At this time of year, however, flexibility is essential, as many candidates will have exhausted their holiday allowances for the year.

We have seen a rise in the number of clients who have not afforded the flexibility of out-of-hours interviews with the expectation that if candidates were truly interested, they would “pull a sickie” or “have a last-minute dentist or medical appointment to attend”. Whilst this may solve the challenges of getting interviews arranged in the short term, if candidates are willing to do this for their current employer, what will they do when they are employed by you? From a candidate perspective, if I am being asked to do this prior to joining, what will I be asked to do whilst in situ?

Poll results…

We ran a poll to truly gauge what HR professionals would rather have to happen, and we will soon follow this up with a similar poll of candidates as to how comfortable they would feel if asked to take a sick day to attend an interview. We were interested to learn that out of 795 HR professionals, 92% voted to offer the out-of-hours interview times, and only 8% opted for the candidate to pull a sick day to interview with them.

The stats speak for themselves, if you’re a prospective candidate, don’t be afraid to ask, and if you’re an employer, don’t expect the candidate to do something you wouldn’t be impressed with.

The right talent isn’t always available during 9-5, so don’t lose out because of it!

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