Agile in construction – what’s that?

Agile in construction – what’s that?

It looks like agile methodologies are going to be a topic for construction. Is it appropriate? Why am I blogging about it? Read on!

Recently I’ve spotted the MPBA talking about how construction needs to get more agile, and it reminded me of a phone call a friend had to take, whilst on a dog walk – they were discussing introduction of agile methodologies in construction (for a massive pubic sector project as I understand), and quickly concluded it wasn’t appropriate (to construction – rather than taking calls on a dog walk!).

I was reminded of the report by McKinsey & Company from June last year – which was all about “The New Normal” (a phrase I grow to dislike – but it seemed topical back then!)

Anyway – I digress! The reports findings were, that the second most important thing for construction to get right going forward was to move the organisation to an agile and flexible set up.

So who’s right? On searching our candidate database of some 70,000 candidate records, I could only find the word “Agile” in 600 CVs – so it is a rarely mentioned skill (and I suspect most of these are from IT backgrounds).

I don’t have all the answers today – but will be doing my research!

I reckon learning about agile methodologies would stand any ambitious construction professional in good stead sooner or later – knowledge is power!

in the mean time it is worth taking a second look at the report here

What was the top item on the list, I hear you ask?

Attracting & building top talent – of course!


I’d welcome any further insights on this subject, and will be posting more on my findings!

Jim Roach

Managing Director