9 recruitment trip-ups you can’t ignore in 2021

9 recruitment trip-ups you can’t ignore in 2021

The world changed last year and we all reckon we have got a better handle on it now.

The trouble is – it keeps changing and it may be changing faster than your expectations.

Here are 9 key recruitment trip-ups related to retaining and recruiting staff which you were assuming you didn’t need to worry about, but need to be on your radar right now!

Here are the recruitment trip-ups we think you need to worry about:

  1. Counter offers are back with a vengeance! We are seeing candidates receive counter offers from current employers more than ever. Employers caught napping, not looking after staff or not sorting out pay reviews will lose their people. There is often (but only ever short term) good reason to try and claw people back in, and it needs covering in your recruitment process. I’d love to promise we can eliminate it, but rest assured our team are well trained in handling the situation for every candidate.
  2. Multiple offers are now common – so make your best offer straight away and make it early: earlier than the competition. If you are waiting for a response from your offered candidate you probably went to low. Your candidate is still interviewing elsewhere to get want they are worth.
  3. Salaries are too low. No one had a pay review last year (OK – a lucky and valued few did!) Many may have accepted a drop. This needs correcting ASAP to avoid leavers. We didn’t publish a salary guide last year (impossible!), but it is due. Lower salaries accepted last year will not be put up with for much longer and need reviewing or risk losing people. There is a lot of variation currently, which will be covered with the next Salary Guide – coming soon!
  4. Don’t delay! Delay kills recruitment processes. Don’t delude yourself that good candidates will hang around for you. Recruiters are bemoaning this across LinkedIn and we see it ourselves. We are fortunate to have addressed this with our ARVIEW system incorporating advanced video interview tech to help you speed up the process.
  5. Scarcity is back The skills shortage barely went away, though it eased a bit in 2020. Now with offsite and MMCs growing at pace skills are in short supply and this will get tougher than ever with a lack of overseas candidates and limited training.
  6. Same again please ? If you are relying on attracting people from direct competitors, then it is time to think more broadly. A growing industry cannot just shuffle the pack, it is self defeating. You need to consider candidates from different sectors who can cross with least effort and training. Many people can successfully move into quite different roles – when we look at the backgrounds of some of our best candidates they often originated in a different sector, so give it consideration..
  7. Treat candidates with respect at interviews. We are moving to a candidate short market and a world where respect and wellbeing is now recognised better. You need to sell your culture, company and opportunity as well as treating candidates as if they were a valued friend – regardless of whether they will get the job. No more bad cop!
  8. The competition is after your people. They are approaching them on LinkedIn and anywhere else, via in-house recruiters and agencies. It is a fact ignored at your peril – and it happens to us (of course it does – we have great people!) Look after your great people before they get the call!
  9. Flexible working Keep doing whatever you can to facilitate this. We are starting to see companies moving staff back to the office without really explaining why. Flexibility will help keep and attract people. Why not survey your staff asking where and when they would like to work?

Need help with your recruitment trip-ups? ARV Solutions are the leading recruiters for the offsite and MMC market, established for over 17 years and with a highly experienced team of professional recruiters. We are always open to discussing how we can help support your business in recruiting and all aspects relating to it. Call os on 0117 9592008 or email info@arvsolutions.co.uk

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