2020 hiring trends – Attracting candidates and standing out from competitors

2020 hiring trends – Attracting candidates and standing out from competitors

What’s in store for employers as we enter a brand new decade? One particular challenge from 2019 that will certainly carry over in 2020 is the battle for top talent due to a candidate-driven market, even with the likelihood of increased people movement.

Ensuring your business stands out from the competition will be key, what are your differentiators? Why should the top talent want to work for you?  According to a recent Glassdoor report three key trends to consider this decade are Culture, Diversity and an aging workforce. We see these as core differentiators in candidate attraction, how can you make them a priority in your business?

Placing value and emphasis on these will only differentiate businesses and put them at the top of a candidate’s agenda.  But what is culture? Isn’t it about expensive perks? Our own research found employees place low-cost benefits as having higher value (see report here).  The Glassdoor report shows it is about ‘articulating a clear mission that resonates with an employees own aspirations’. Nurturing and promoting an appealing culture doesn’t have to come with financial implications.

According to the report, this decade sees an expectation that more companies will focus on diversity and inclusion, with thought given to recruiting employees focussed on diversity with the aim of driving lasting change across the business.

And thirdly how about the fastest growing workforce? The 65’s and over. Working way past previous generations, in the UK the 65 + population is expected to grow by nearly 60% in the next 25 years. Don’t be afraid to tap into the experience this workforce brings.  To discount a candidate because of their age can be short-sighted.

Taking into account these three key trends are you unintentionally alienating a workforce? Read the full report from Glassdoor here.

This year, with vast opportunities for growth, candidates will have more choice than ever before on where to work. Set yourself apart and make sure the top talent picks you over your competitors.  Think about your culture and what you can offer an employee.

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