10 Reasons to Work in Recruitment

10 Reasons to Work in Recruitment

We’re Hiring! But why work in recruitment? Here are 10 reasons to work in recruitment according to the staff at ARV Solutions.

It’s no secret that the recruitment industry has established a bad name for itself over the years. The work is seen as stressful, the culture can be toxic and competitive and recruiters are rude.

What if we told you that we have spent the last 18 years building a workplace and culture that defies all of that?

At ARV Solutions we have built our culture around collaboration, development, progression and support. We have been identified and rewarded gold by Investors In People (IIP) for our staff retention and progression efforts while maintaining our spot as the market leaders in offsite and construction recruitment. 

We recently established an ambitious three-year business plan with all of our staff members, that will enable us to support our staff during their development and progression while we continue to grow as a company. 

During the pandemic we furloughed all staff and didn’t need to let anyone go and since then have had three record months and are on track for a record year. All of this is a result of trusting our staff and getting hard work in return. We have moved away from the rigid 9-5 working days and instead replaced them with flexible hours and work from home options. 

But don’t take it from us!

We had all of our staff send in the reasons why they love working in recruitment for ARV Solutions and here is the consensus – a list of ten things that defy everything you might think about the recruitment industry:

  1. Every day is different.
  2. You can change people’s lives by finding them their dream job.
  3. You don’t need any specific experience/qualifications to be good at recruitment.
  4. Work and forge relationships with a variety of people.
  5. Huge earning potential.
  6. Able to establish yourself as a market leader.
  7. Flexibility of working from home.
  8. Progression and personal development.
  9. Constantly busy, there’s always something to do in recruitment.
  10. You get out what you put in.

If those ten reasons weren’t enough, head over to our instagram and Linkedin pages to see what we get up, where we go for staff socials and for anything else. 

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