10 reasons employees resign (article from Glassdoor)

10 reasons employees resign (article from Glassdoor)

Very good article from Glassdoor: 10 reasons employees resign. Almost all cost nothing, but require good management and leadership Рand those that cost (decent pay and equipment) should give a good ROI anyway! I really recommend this short read

This article represent a great check list for any Employers and Line Managers.

Please follow the link for the full article on Glassdoor

1. Employees Feel Underappreciated.
2. A Lack of Proper Compensation.
3. Insufficient Time Off.
4. Change In Management.
5. Outdated Machinery and Equipment.
6. Unrealistic Goals.
7. Lack of Management Support.
8. The Need to Be Challenged.
9. Lack of a Joyful Environment.
10. Lack of a Clear Pathway to Success.

We regularly hear all of these from candidates, and many aspects are relatively easily manageable. As a recruitment business, we love helping people make their next career move, but it’s sometimes frustrating when you see people wanting to resign and move on due to situations that could have been solved! We are always happy to work with our clients in partnership, and these are key areas we are able to offer insights into, and help resolve.

Jim Roach

Managing Director