International Business

International Business

As the undisputed leader in offsite construction recruitment in the UK, ARV Solutions is bringing over a decade of specialised expertise and innovative methodologies to meet rising global demand through ARV International.

Led by skilled industry veterans, ARV International leverages the company’s unmatched track record built over years in the UK market. It provides the same consultative, value-driven approach backed by proprietary innovations like ARVIEW and ARV-ADS. This delivers faster, more accurate recruitment through an intimate understanding of client needs across engineering, design, manufacturing, operations and construction.

Set up to replicate ARV Solutions’ coveted culture globally, ARV International runs on the same foundations of quality-focused, relationship-based service that achieves unparalleled repeat business. With an emphasis on collaborative, rewarding teams, ethical integrity and passion for moving sectors forward, ARV International also recognizes the importance of understanding cultural and legislative differences in global markets.

Craig Nicholls
International Business
Craig is a recruitment industry veteran who joined ARV Solutions in 2018 as Head of its International Offering, bringing over 13 years of specialised sector experience. He was previously a founding member of an Executive Search firm focused on major infrastructure engineering projects across Europe. With extensive international exposure, Craig has recruited talent across Engineering, Finance, M&A, Mining, and Environmental sectors for clients in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He typically fills salary bands from £40k to £150k ($52k to $195k). Craig was compelled to join ARV Solutions by Jim Roach's stellar reputation as an Offsite Construction recruitment pioneer. He found a cultural fit with the company's client-focused consultative approach that aligns with his own relationship-based style. Outside work, Craig unwinds by tending to his garden and animal family of two cats, one hundred chickens and ducks that he chats with daily. When not gathering eggs for sale to his local village, Craig indulges his spirited passion for heavy metal, rocking out at concerts and festivals whenever possible.
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