Offsite Awards 2021: 21st September 2021

Offsite Awards 2021: 21st September 2021

ARV Solutions are delighted, once again, to be sponsoring the Drinks Reception for the Offsite Awards.

This year’s awards are expected to take place during Offsite Expo – a planned live event at the Ricoh arena, Coventry, so we look forward to seeing you there!


With some large construction projects and face-to-face events on hold – now more than ever is the time to diversify your marketing campaign in order to shout about your company’s achievements, making entering prestigious awards platforms such as Offsite Construction Awards more essential then ever.

Winning organisations will showcase the innovative new systems, pioneering products and the best use of leading edge building techniques being used to construct the best projects of the year from housing to commercial and infrastructure.

The Offsite Construction Awards will be back in 2021 at a new high-profile location, taking place at the most technically advanced event in the construction calendar – Offsite Expo on 21 September 2021.

Here are just five compelling reasons why entering the Offsite Construction Awards is good for business development:

Awards finalists will be promoted to a national audience, giving entrants the opportunity to make their mark on this economically important market.

With the calibre of the expert judging panel, an Offsite Award win, short-listing or nomination can act as an endorsement for your business. A win can give a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality for potential customers. It’s a great way of differentiating your company from competitors.

Awards recognise hard work and achievements, so reaching the final or ultimately winning can boost morale, create better working relationships and improve motivation. Shining a spotlight on success, generates feelings of satisfaction and pride to be associated with a talented team and successful business.

Business awards are one of the most effective marketing tactics. Just being shortlisted can improve brand awareness and promote expertise and innovation to new customers. Maximising media coverage surrounding the awards will drive traffic to websites and engagement on social media platforms. Awards celebrate hard work and success and generate great PR opportunities.

Competition is fierce when attracting the brightest and best to become part of your business and help generate further success. Awards evidence company stature and credentials among new recruits. Pitching your company as the ‘best’ will attract the right talent to push your business forward. Increased employee morale will also help attract and retain new recruits.

With the levels of excellence and innovation in the sector, and the deadline approaching, now is the time for those at the cutting-edge of offsite design, engineering, manufacturing and construction to start planning their award submissions. The awards are bigger then ever with 25 CATEGORIES FREE TO ENTER – and multiple submissions are allowed!

To view the categories and enter your submission CLICK HERE.